Welcome to LocalContent.com, your trusted source for local content measurement, compliance, and reporting. We bridge the worlds of industry, community, and government through our LocalContent Certification to improve the quality of life and business goals for all stakeholders.

Partners that certify their projects with LocalContent.com provide meaningful and measurable compliance and public reporting for the communities they serve and governments that they plan and/or currently work with. Our local content key performance indicator (KPI) categories are:

We are proud to be owned by LocalContent, a leading force in advancing the utilization of local goods, services, workforce, and community benefit investments from industries such as offshore wind, construction, manufacturing, ports, vessels, and more. As a member of LocalContent’s portfolio of brands, we benefit from the collective expertise and resources that have made our parent company a respected name. For inquiries, partnerships, or advertising opportunities, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us by clicking HERE.


Local Community Stakeholders

Local Content Certification provides transparent levels of compliance reporting. Whether an industry partner earns a Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum Tier Certification, the act of being certified showcases an organization’s commitment to improving the quality of life within your community. Meeting local content goals is not always easy based on several factors that require additional planning and investments to build local capacity in some areas of business. If an organization is willing to be certified to evolve within the process,

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The greatest resources within all of your business efforts are the people you serve and the communities where you plan or are operating. Early engagement with local communities is crucial to ensure that local communities’ challenges, strengths and futures aspirations